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my name is lisa ames and i study architecture.

My name is Lisa Ames and I study architecture.
Now at postgraduate level. Yikes.

I love learning, making, and exploring.

Watch and listen; it’s flippin’ ace.

If it does all go tits up tonight whilst I’m alone on antibiotics in a cold house with a rapidly depleting supply of soup, at least I won’t have to read any more about the Minoans’ cosmological philosophy or do any more drawings of that bloody quarry. Silver linings, chaps.


The End is Near

There is something deeply baroque about the notion of you going anywhere - it is reasoned method but amplified to the point of fanciful frenzy, yet it leaves me with a sensation of humbled awe. Get well soon x x x — Tom, on hearing that I was unable to study with him in the RIBA library due to sickness.


Dear Autocad,

I don’t like this any more than you do.

If you crashed a little less frequently then this would all be over much more quickly.

I know that you particularly don’t like me hatching stuff, but I’m trying my best to only pick small areas at a time. I even have a new layer for you.

Please stop crashing.

We’ve run out of milk for tea. I’m on the edge.


Yours forever,

Neurotic-and-at-wit’s-end Lisa.


Konstantin Melnikov’s house under construction, Moscow, 1927-29

Twin Peaks

Dreams like that

Douglas Adams <3

Yessssssss this works after yesterday.


Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, Utah

Uncertainty is strongly linked with places in transition, disused places, places that have become partially wild, that are cracks in the fabric, holes in the landscape. These places occur between cities or at the periphery of cities. Increasingly transitional places are being found even in the traditional centres of cities that have become mere tourist stage sets. Designing these territories requires a complete reassessment of the accepted ideas of urban public spaces of European tradition: the street, the square, the park. Nostalgic urban forms or idealised landscapes are not applicable in the context of these holes.They freeze the temporal potential, they destroy the wilderness. These ideas are insensitive to the notion of a second nature of the holes. This character and identity needs to be sensitively revealed, responded to and strengthened.
Architecture Research Unit, Transitional Territories, Brikettfabrik Witznitz, Leipzig, Germany


Children enjoy a swim in the Spree despite the grim background of the Reichstag in ruins; Berlin, Germany - 1945